High Quality Stainless Steel ESI-Clean Waste Traps New Zealand



Shower Trays Traps can be easily welded or fibreglassed into shower trays, avoiding the necessity to elevate shower base, to allow for standard trap clearance. Tough stainless steel tops will withstand the harsh chemicals used to keep showers clean. Colours: Tops available in almond/ivory, white, chrome, gold or brass.

Urinals – Domed Top Domed top allows any solid waste such as cigarette butts, chewing gum and perfume cubes to become trapped in urinal trough, without blocking water flow. Urinals that build up with uric salts can be easily disassembled and cleaned, preventing blocked drains and eliminating troubles associated with digging up concrete floors to unblock drains. With the Esi-Clean Trap, water seal is at highest point of water outflow, minimising any smell. Outer bowl available flanged or unflanged. Bowl sizes as per Bottom

Exit Traps.

RESIDENTIAL & Light Commercial Side Exit Traps
Extra low clearance from top floor height to exit allows trap to be used in cramped situations where bottom exit trap clearances do not fit. The side exit waste trap reduces need to dig deep trenches for outflow pipes. Often used as an after thought, where surface water needs to be directed to sewer pipes. Available only with a threaded nipple. Colour tops available in almond/ivory, white, chrome, gold or brass. Refer to applicable applications section for any necessary accessories.

RESIDENTIAL & Light Commercial Bottom Exit Traps
Flat Top Small design specifically suited to either concrete or timber floor construction; where trap installation is meant to be unobtrusive. Used in bathrooms, laundries, spa rooms, wash down areas, or any area where there is a potential of water overflow. Lid design allows flush mounting of trap onto floor, eliminating any potential tripping hazard. Made of durable tough stainless steel, to withstand the harsh environment traps often face in residential and light commercial use. Colour tops available in almond/ivory, white, chrome, gold or brass. Refer to applicable applications section for any necessary accessories.

Ideal for commercial and industrial waste traps, where potentially large volumes of water need to be drained and solid waste trapped. Used in wash down areas, overflow situations and washroom facilities. Top plate made of tough 2.5mm stainless steel to withstand the weight of light vehicles. Outlet sized to fit inside PVC sewer pipe.

Available in Type 304 stainless steel or Type 316 stainless steel for processing plant requirements. Heavy duty 6mm tops made on request.


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We regularly run a variety of “exotic” materials, spring stainless steel, copper, brass, phosphor bronze, aluminium alloys and extrusions. We can get the materials your products need using our huge network of contacts and suppliers.

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