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Kimberley Tool & Design (NZ) Limited is your one stop for the solutions to all your metal pressing and press tooling headaches. KTD’s specialty is solving your problems. We work with a wide base of customers from the building & roofing industries, through to domestic appliance, automotive lighting, dairy and agricultural industries. With over 25 years in the business and double that in the industry, we are confident we can help you. You probably have items in your home right now made in our factory.

We work with customers of all sizes, owner / operators to large multinationals. For all metal pressing and tooling requirements, KTD – the solution.

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KTD was contacted by a past client looking for a major component for a high tech system he was building. He had seen something similar to what he wanted on Brians desk once, several years earlier. The item had to be capable of spinning at 3000 rpm with a minimum of balancing and be capable of meeting RoHS compliance.

KTD Solution: revitalising technology used during his apprenticeship, Brian designed the tooling and produced the item required. We also added a CNC turning operation to accurately control the height, and punched holes to fit a shaft for it to rotate on, and supplied it to the customer zinc plated with process control data. The result? A huge reduction in costs of dynamic balancing, a cost effective component and a team of amazed engineers who believed the product couldn’t be done in NZ.

The customer went on to develop a second version using the same base item doubling his usage at almost no increase in capital outlay. How accurately produced was this unit? Process Control data indicated 0.03mm in concentricity

A current customer had a major subcontractor doing a bulk of the manufacturing on a large system. KTD was to produce the 3 tight tolerance items and deliver to schedule. KTD Solution: During discussions it became clear that the sub contractor wanted a finished item, whereas currently 5 different suppliers were involved. and taking a lot of resource to manage.

KTD took this onboard, and offered to coordinate the supply of all the items, weld, finish, assemble and pack the finished unit. The result? 15 finished assemblies packed in an outer ready to go to site with the finished project, and only one order and one invoice for the customer. We now also deliver direct, saving the customer even more time, money and space.

Our customer now focuses on selling his units, and the subcontractor on manufacturing and installing them. KTD manages the rest.

A customer wanted a 4mm thick stainless steel plate punched out, to later be drilled, countersunk and tapped in his factory as part of a hinge. The holes were small, down to a material thickness in diameter.

KTD Solution: We punched the plate for him, also sourcing and guillotining the material in house. We also offered to punch the holes rather than drill, with massive savings in labour costs. We tapped and countersunk the plate, delivering him a finished item, produced far quicker than drilling, cheaper than he could do it in house, cleaned and deburred ready for powdercoating and assembly. Into his plant, and straight to line with minimal stock holding costs.

KTD was approached by a local steel supplier looking to see if we were interested in being involved in a very large export job.
The answer? “Yes of course!”
We were then approached by the head contractor, a metal spinning shop in Wellington. Basil Jones Metal Spinners Limited was putting together a deal to supply 115000 custom made pizza trays into a major franchise in Australia, was up against the Chinese and keen to beat them.

The outcome of this was one of the smartest pieces of inter-business collaboration we have seen in a long time. A joint project between NZ Steel (supplied the material) Vulcan Steel (did the downstream processing on the coil and moved the material to us in Waihi and product back to Auckland) STL Linehaul (who linehauled the product to Wellington) KTD (who supplied the tooling and punched the job) and BJMS who spun, packed and containerised the project which consumed some 120 tonnes of steel – the largest production job done in NZ in several years.

Did it take long? For us in Waihi, about 6 weeks from getting the green light to proceed, building the tooling, setting up the press line, producing the 116600 trays required and despatching them. The whole job went through fairly quickly given the amount of material and logistics involved.

The whole concept – group collaboration between 5 stakeholders where we all worked together to deliver a cost competitive, high quality job, faster than it could be done in China. Can NZ suppliers compete against China on cost and delivery- yes, on quality – without a doubt.

There’s a Waihi connection to the world’s largest poppy.

Kimberley Tool & Design has been commissioned to create 59,000 red metal discs, the number of New Zealand men and women who were wounded or killed in World War 1, for The Giant Poppy Art Project, which will be built over nine days on the Auckland Domain to honour the memory of the Anzacs.

Artist and creator of the Giant Poppy Art Project Tony McNeight said the idea came to him after attending the Anzac Dawn Parade last year. He also had multinational colleagues who had no idea about Anzac Day and what it symbolised. “Some of them came from countries where freedom and democracy is not a given and I believed an installation such as this would highlight those rights we take for granted and acknowledge those who protected them.”

People in Auckland will be able to visit the Auckland Domain and in return for a donation to support the RSA they will receive a disc which a personal message can be written on and then place it as part of the poppy build. People outside Auckland or overseas will be able to donate to support the RSA online and in return a poppy will be placed on their behalf.

Kimberley Tool and Design were approached by New Zealand steel to create the discs and Brian Parker got straight on to the job of adjusting one of his machines for the project.

The Waihi company owned and operated by the Parker family has arguably the largest press shop in New Zealand, with a spread of machines from 2 to 150 tonnes and founder Brian Parker said Kimberley Tool & Design is delighted to be able to create the discs for the largest poppy in the world, which will cover the sports ground below the Domain from April the 16th to the 24th.

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KTD – Built On Solid Reputation, Expert Advice & Precision